Whitewater Derby 2018

High School/Prep School and College Team Challenge!

High School/Prep Schol and College Team Challenge

Hudson River Whitewater Derby 2018

Slalom Races, Saturday, May 5, 2018
Downriver Race, Sunday, May 6, 2018

Concept – There will be 2 different Team Divisions – a High School/Prep School Division and a College Division. Racers will compete as individual entries in all classes (no Family or Masters) – single or double paddlers. Teams may enter up to 5 different boats and the 3 best finishers will be computed toward the team score and the Whitewater Derby Challenge Trophies.
Individual racers will also receive individual awards and prizes for each class.

Team Trophies will be awarded for:

1) High School/Prep School Division – Novice Slalom Race
2) College Division, Giant Slalom Race (Not Novice Slalom)
3) College Division Downriver Race

Race Classes for Team Competition – Racers can compete in the following classes for team scores:
K1-M, K1-F, CC1-M, CC1-F, OC1-M, OC1-F, OC2-M, OC2-F, OC2-MIX

Required Class – For the Team competition – At least one counted finisher must be an Open Canoe 2 person (OC2-M, OC2-F, or OC2-MIX) and one counted finisher must be a Kayaker (K1-M, K1-F)
Computing Scores – Points are awarded by place: 1 Point for 1st Place, 2 Points for 2nd place, and so on. The team with the lowest points for the 3 best finishers is the winner. In the event of a tie – a formula using cumulative finish times for the tying teams will be used.
Racers in additional classes – Individual Racers can only compete in one class for the Team score. Racers are welcome to compete in additional classes (additional entry required). But if a racer is competing in more than one class, It must be specified in advance which class will count toward the team score.
Teams – There must be at least 2 teams in each division for the Team Trophies to be awarded.
Students – Team participants must be registered students at specified Team Schools.
Fees: $20/Team Entry Plus Individual Entry Fees (Under 17 is Free!)

Mail or Email Completed Registrations to:
Hudson River Whitewater Derby, PO Box 168 North Creek, NY 12853
(518) 251-0829, info@whitewaterderby.com

Race Day Registration Available 9AM11AM both Days

Whitewater Derby Registration Forms