The Races

Salalom Races, Not-So-Whitewater Race, Downriver Race
2018 Results and Video CLICK HERE!

Slalom Races – Saturday

Slalom races are held on Saturday of Whitewater Derby Weekend.  Racers negotiate a course of gates positioned along the river.  Some of the gates require passage straight ahead others require a boat to go through a gate backward and still others require a racer to come back from downstream and go through the gate heading upstream. A penalty is assessed for each gate touched or missed.  The racer with the lowest score – fastest elapsed time minus penalities is the winner!  A map of the course will be available a week or so before the event – depending on river height and other conditions.  Sample Map is below.  Racers can elect the NOVICE SLALOM or GIANT SLALOM Races on Saturday. 

The Novice Slalom is generally easier with gates on river right and racers will not have to cross the river. 

Whitewater Derby Schedule 2019

9am – Registration and packet pick-up – North River,  11am – Race Start
NOT-SO-WHITEWATER RACE  Immediately following the slalom races.  Approximately 2PM
PARTY, MUSIC, PRIZES, AND AWARDS  4pm – Basil and Wicks Rt. 28 – North Creek

Whitewater Derby Registration Forms

Hudson River Whitewater Derby Slalom Races

Slalom Races Map (2017). 2018 Map will be Slightly Different

The Not-So-Whitewater Race


That’s right! A race designed for boaters just starting out or those who already did it all…but maybe a few years ago.
The new “Not-So-Whitewater” race course is 2.5 miles of moving water on the Hudson River just a bit downriver of the traditional Slalom races in North River.  Aimed at appealing to beginner through intermediate level canoers and kayakers, the “Not-So-Whitewater” race starts at the Hudson River canoe and fishing access point 2.5 miles west of North Creek on Route 28 and will finish at Riverfront Park at Railroad Place just downstream of the North Creek Railroad Station.  The Not So Whitewater Race will occur on Saturday following the Slalom races. So if you’ve ever thought about giving downriver racing a try. It’s the perfect race to get your feet wet! Also, a limited amount of camping will be available for Derby weekend.

Registration Page CLICK HERE!

The Downriver Race

The Downriver Race begins in North Creek with the Start Line near the Pavillion in Riverfront Park near the Train Station.  Racers start out in fast moving water and the race course is 7.5 miles long, ending in Riparius.  Rapids are plentiful culminating in the Spruce Mt. Rapids just above the finish. The above Video begins in North River and concludes in Riparius.  River level is 7 feet on the North Creek Guage (kind of high – most years the river levels are 4-5 feet)

SUNDAY, May 5, 2019
Registration and Packet Pick-up is at 9am at the Hudson River Pavilion next to the Train Station in North Creek.
Races start at 11AM  Awards will be presented in Riparius at the finish line, immediately following the races.

Whitewater Derby Registration Forms

Whitewater Derby - Downriver Race